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The Massachusetts Youth Pheasant Hunt Program was developed by MassWildlife to provide an opportunity for Hunter Education graduates aged 12 to 17 to practice firearms safety, develop shooting skills, and participate in a special pheasant hunt under the guidance of a safe, experienced adult hunter. 

This program is more than just a day in the field pheasant hunting and is typically divided into 2 parts, as follows 

Pheasant Seminar: The seminar portion includes hands-on instruction in shotgun shooting fundamentals and firearm safety, how to have a safe and fun hunt, and information on upland hunting basics. 

Pheasant Hunt: Participants get to experience a real pheasant hunt under the supervision of an experienced hunter on 1 of the 6 Saturdays prior to the regular pheasant season. 

For more information, including the requirements for this program click "More Details"

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Requirements to Participate in the Program:

·       Be between the ages of 12 to 17.
·       Have graduated from a Basic Hunter Education course (in any state) before the day of the hunt.
·       Participants 15 to 17 years of age must have a hunting license, pheasant/quail permit, and a Firearms Identification Card (FID) (an FID is only required if using a shotgun). 

Steps to Participate:

·       Make sure you meet all the requirements above.
·       Register for a Pheasant Seminar. 
·       Complete the Pheasant Seminar you registered for.
·       Have a great day hunting pheasants! Please note, all other regular pheasant hunting regulations apply including bag limits, hunting implements, hunter orange requirements, etc. Please review pheasant hunting regulations.  

Managed & Approved by:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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