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Do you already know how to fish but want to try other fishing methods. The MassWildlife Angler Education Program offers next step learn to fish programming such as fly fishing, fly tying, and ice fishing.   

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Ice fishing clinics and classes 

If you have ever been curious about this fun wintertime activity now is your chance to learn. MassWildlife’s Angler Education Program will be your host to give you the confidence to give hard water fishing a try. You will learn what safe ice is, and how to test for it, how to properly dress for the experience, as well as all the necessary gear and tips to get you started. Please join us so you can be confident “walking on water”.

Fly Fishing Clinics

Come learn the basics of fly fishing. We will take the romance and mystery out of this age-old technique and show you that fly fishing is just another tool in your fishing arsenal. From the necessary equipment needs, essential knots, how to rig up your fly rod and reel outfit, and how to cast, as well as some commonsense tips and techniques to get you started.  

Fly Tying Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tie flies but didn’t know where to start? Tying flies can be enjoyable, is an art form, and once mastered quite rewarding as nothing beats catching a fish on something you created yourself. Let the MassWildlife Angler Education Program be your guide. This is a two session (two hours per session) course for beginners, designed to give you a taste of the pastime. We’ll show you the basic equipment, how to use it, while tying some simple but effective patterns.  Minimum age is 15, pre-registration is required.  Please note: This program is intended for BEGINNERS.

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